Ekopesantren Program

Indonesia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world but its natural areas and wildlife are under extreme threat. PPI-UNAS has been working for years with Indonesia’s leading clerics and conservationists to strengthen understanding of Islamic teachings related to the environment and to promote this understanding in Muslim society.

In this project we explore the role of Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) as an innovative Muslim institution in which young Muslims can explore Islamic thought and teachings related to nature, learn environmental science, and take part in practical activities that marry science and Islam, such as organic farming and tree planting on pesantren grounds.

Our guiding question in this project is therefore, ‘How can the integration of environmental science and Islamic teachings in pesantren education help strengthen the connection of young Muslims to the natural world?’

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Our theory of change is as follows: If we provide educational materials and tools on Islam and the environment and trainings on these for pesantren teachers, they will be enriched by the teachings and inspired and empowered to communicate them to their students. As a result, students across Indonesia will be empowered to explore for themselves Islamic teachings related to the environment, about what they are being called upon to do as a Muslim in understanding the Tawhid (God oneness) and His creation (al Khalq).

They will learn about environmental science and how it is in harmony with Islamic perspectives on balance (Mizan), guardianship (Kalifah) and maintaining nature as an Amanah (trusteeship). By engaging in practical environmental activities in the Ekopesantren program, such as organic farming and tree planting, students will experience first hand their capacity to engage in activities that are beneficial to the Earth, their community and their spirit.

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PPI UNAS  offering  pesantren educational resources and training that integrate environmental science and Islamic theology, we provide  capacity to pass this scientific and traditional knowledge to the students. We provide online thematic courses  ONLINE LEARNING EKOPESANTREN 

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