Greening Indonesia

Early this month, UK-based Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IFEES) held its first-ever fundraising event in London, launching the “Greening Indonesia” campaign. The audience heard from guest speakers environmentalist Ayman Ahwal, Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad, Fachruddin Mangunjaya of Conservation International Indonesia, and a representative of the Indonesian embassy in the UK.
Raising Awareness

For more than two decades IFEES has been raising awareness among Muslims and non-Muslims on Islam’s take on environmental issues. It also trains people working on conservation projects in Muslim countries.

In Indonesia, IFEES has been involved in projects such as the Gunung Mas eco-village and in the conservation and surveillance of the Gunung Leuser rainforest. “Greening Indonesia” aims to conserve and reforest the rapidly depleting ancient Sumatran rainforests, starting with Aceh.

The campaign has a simple call: plant a tree and the reward is charity.