World Muslim Communities to Seek Actions on Climate Change

Muslim communities from 17 countries are slated to gather in Bogor, West Java for an international conference on climate change to concur tangible actions to deal with warmer temperature, including through the green haj concept.

About 200 participants, including more than 90 leaders of Islamic boarding schools from Indonesia, have confirmed their participation in the two-day conference from April 9 to 10.

“It is an action-oriented conference to motivate Muslims to guard the planet from severe threats of global warming,” steering committee member Ismet Hadad told reporters on Monday.

“We want to show the world communities that Muslims also take actions to combat climate change which treat all people without seeing religions or tribes.”

The conference will be held at the Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) convention center with funding including from the Conservation International (CI).

The inaugural conference was held in Kuwait City in 2008. The meeting in Istanbul last year declared a seven-year action plan for climate change.