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In Indonesia, public, including the Muslim communities are still unaware that the illegal wildlife trade is forbidden, and it has great impacts to the balance of ecosystem as well as to human life.
To raise awareness of Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) activities, PPI-UNAS has been developing some media as the awareness tools, such as video, poster, flyer, book and comic which can be used by clerics and teachers in schools to share information and knowledge of IWT in their areas.

There are eight videos have  been developed with various themes such Islam and conservation, Ulema Fatwa on illegal wildlife trade, and illegal wildlife trade activities in Indonesia, and short video of cleric sermons on Islamic teaching in protecting wildlife and nature.  For the clerics they share these videos through social media such as Whatsapp group, Facebook, Forkodas (Cleric Forum in Riau) social media. These include:

The Conservation Preachers 

Preserving nature by protecting wildlife in the wild, is one of the sunnah practiced by the Prophet by building the Hima area or protected area. We working with various related parties, in training imams in villages located in the Bukit Rimbang Bukit Baling SM area to re-recognize Islamic treatises related to nature protection to be disseminated to the community, so that the blessings can be felt by all beings in-universe.

MUI Fatwa Regarding Protection of Endangered Wildlife for the Balance of the Ecosystem

The Indonesian Ulema Council has issued Fatwa No.4 of 2014 in guiding Muslims to preserve endangered species or protected wild animals. This fatwa was issued because the life of endangered species is now increasingly under threat and is on the brink of extinction. In fact, these animals have an important role  in maintaining the balance of nature. This fatwa also reminds the role of Muslims as caliphs (viceregent) on earth whose role is to bring prosperity and blessings to the universe by managing natural resources with laws of balance, interdependence, and not exaggeration, including compassionate attitude to protect protected wildlife.

Illegal Wildlife Trade: A Deprived of God’s Grace

Illegal Wildlife Trade is an activity that is prohibited (haram)  in Islamic teachings. Through Fatwa No.4 of 2014, the Indonesian Council of Ulama’ explained that Muslims are forbidden to carry out hunting and illegal trade in endangered species because this is contrary to the values of Islamic teachings that bring grace to the universe.

Rare and wild animals that live in nature were created by Allah with the aim of beside praise God also helping to maintain the balance and preservation of nature so as to give blessings to humans.

Short Video IMAM Action for Conservation Preaching

Short Film about the Conservation Preacher activities in the Bukit Rimban Baling Riau Wildlife Sanctuary. The Center for Islamic Studies Universitas Nasional, together with MUI Riau, conducted the implementation of the MUI Fatwa No. 4, on the Conservation of Protected Species to Maintain the Balance of Ecosystems.

A short film on Culture, Spirituality and Conservation by the IUCN CEESP

A short film on Culture, Spirituality and Conservation by the IUCN CEESP Theme on Culture, Spirituality and Conservation and the SCB Religion and Conservation Biology Working Group. IUCN CEESP Theme on Culture, Spirituality and Conservation Website:

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