IWT Project Awareness Tool 2018-2021(3)

2. Poster

The poster is designed as grab public attention by citing the hadith that every Muslim should take a good care of wildlife if they wanted to by loved by God. This poster also puts the information that protecting the wildlife is part of Islamic teachings as the Indonesia ulema has released a fatwa. The poster also provides some images of protected Indonesian wildlife.2019_Poster Satwa Fatwa ed 2 small

Download Poster: Pelestarian Satwa Langka untuk Keseimgangan Ekosistem (Pdf)

3. Flyer

Flyer is developed to provide more detailed information about a wildlife reserve in Riau Bukit Rimbang Bukit Baling. This area is very important for conservation as there some protected wildlife living in it. The flyer also provides some information about edict of ulema and how the Muslim community can implement some activities of protecting the wildlife. In the back of the flyer readers can see some images of protected wildlife and their status according to IUCN



Download Flyer : Mengintip Anugerah Bukit Rimbang Baling (Pdf)

4. Comic

A comic is developed as the awareness tool by sharing a story of high sccoverkomik-1hool student discussion on tiger death on the newspaper. The discussion aimed to encourage readers/students to put attention on wildlife issues. As it is important to the nature and ecosystem as well as to human lives. In this comic, readers will also find that many cases show that nature/wildlife is also an inspiration to modern life, as such case in Japan where invention for express train technology is inspired by a bird behavior.


Download Komik: Mereka Juga Bertasbih (Pdf)

Penulis: Yesi Maryam

Tahun terbit: 2020

Penerbit: Pusat Pengajian Islam UNAS

5. Module Book


As compliment awareness tool, a module bool is developed so that the teachers/clerics will have a systematic teaching materials for their students on how to understanding nature by Islamic perspective, current issues as such climate change, wildlife trade, water and sanitation, and also tools to act and implement activities for protecting the nature

Judul: Modul Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup untuk Pesantren

Penulis: Edy Hendras Wahyono,Taufik Mei Mulyana Gugah Praharawati dan Fauziah Ilmi

Penerbit: Pusat Pengajian Islam Universitas Nasional

Tahun Terbit: 2020

Download book

6. Nature Conservation: Training Tutorial

Berikut ini  adalah buku-buku tutorial yang digunakan oleh team Pusat Pengajian Islam (PPI) UNAS dalam implementasi peningkatan kapasitas para ustadz dalam memahami konservesi alam menurut perspektif Islam.  Untuk TOT dapat berpedoman pada  Modul Pelatihan Islam untuk Konservasi Alam yang dibuat oleh Ustadz Dr Fachruddin M Mangunjaya, MSi & Dra Gugah Praharawati,MSiM, buku ini open akses dan dapat dicetak sendiri, mohon doa, semoga menjadi amal jariah dan kebaikan.

Bila anda mengunduhnya, tolong mengisi link dibawan ini sebagai laporan kepada kami: (Borang Penggunaan Publikasi)

Download: Training Modul Islam untuk Konservasi Alam

Pada slide terdapat 24 materi. Anda akan menjumpai slide 1 sampai 12 yang bersifat deskriptif dan berusaha menarik tema-tema dari Al Quran tentang penciptaan itu sendiri – kosmos, flora, fauna, dan manusia. Dalam ethos AL Quran beriktunya ditunjukan bahwa setiap unsure dalam ciptaan mempunyai perannya sendiri dan dalam memainkan peranan ini tiap unsur membantu unsur lainnya masing-masing. Manusia dianugerahi status sebagai penjaga dan karena itu ditempatkan sebagai pelestari.

Download: Tutorial Etika Konservasi Islam: Ak Quran Ciptaan dan Konservasi (Pdf)

Video Tutorial :

7. Book: Endangered Animals Module

The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) stipulates fatwa No. 14 of 2014 concerning the Conservation of Endangered Animals for Ecosystem Balance. This is done in an effort so that Muslims can participate in environmental conservation, especially endangered species, which is very urgent to do. This approach through Islam is carried out because the locations for the distribution of endangered species are generally in pockets where the Muslim community holds their beliefs firmly. This can be done through respected informal community leaders at the grassroots level who are generally religious leaders and at the same time – usually – traditional leaders or elders in the community.

This book was created to fulfill and complement the fatwa above in its socialization, because the need for extensive information, especially in science-related to conservation, is felt to be inadequate and is a new thing. For that reason, we created this book as a complement to the above fatwa socialization efforts. In addition to this book, we also complement it with Friday Sermon materials and lecture materials on topics related to the environment and conservation of endangered species.

The 3nd edition (2021) of this book can be downloaded at the following link:

Endangered Animals Module Pdf (32.9 Kb )

Module cover   (Jpeg 10.6kb)

Cover with partner logo  (Jpeg 10.6 kb)

8. Book: Friday sermons on “Preservation of Endangered Animals to Maintain Ecosystem Balance”

This collection of Friday sermons on “Preservation of Endangered Animals to Maintain Ecosystem Balance” provides directions on how and what humans should do so that the existence of animals can be maintained in the future. The extinction of animals will have a direct negative impact on human life. This collection of Friday sermons also provides an indication of the true beauty of Islamic teachings that encourage human beings to behave well (al-ihsan) to animals. This collection of Friday sermons deserves to be read and used as a reference for preachers in delivering their sermons, and for Muslims, so that awareness grows to protect and preserve animals.

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